Xarigami website

The Xarigami website was born from the knowledge and experience gained over the years from developing Xaraya and using Xaraya to build web applications.

Xarigami is the name of our customized version of Xaraya, a PHP based web development framework released as open source, free software under the licence terms of the GPL

We use Xarigami to deliver reliable, secure and scaleable web applications for organizations and individuals. This website provides information and resources on how to build web sites and applications using Xaraya, provides modules and addons to extend the functionalitiy of Xaraya, and resources related to our development projects.

The Xarigami website is a 'working' site, serving as our own extranet for xarigami projects and related information, and a public place for sharing Xaraya with the wider community. Inside xarigami.com:
  • recordings of our Xaraya files, tips, tricks and howtos
  • storing of our development notes, issue tracking and Xaraya development
  • supporting past and current clients using Xaraya based web applications
  • sharing Xaraya knowledge with the community

Parts of this site, including the resource and project areas, are restricted to registered members only. Still other sections are restricted to clients and private project development.

We invite you to register as a member, explore the site, and share the experience of developing and playing with Xarigami!

This site is owned and operated by 2skies.com. For more information on 2skies.com services and products, please visit the 2skies.com website.

The name?

The name draws an analogy between Xaraya and Origami, the art of paper folding. Origami uses a small number of different paper base folds, combined in a variety of ways to make intricate designs and models. Xaraya is our "paper" of choice — it can be developed and extended through modules, blocks and templates in a variety of combinations to make web applications with a range of purpose and functionality.

Updated: 08 Oct 07 17:57