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Issue ID Type Summary Reported Priority Assigned Status % Done
xxbb-000475 Bug viewtopic quickpost onload javascript problem 29 Oct 09 12:50 AM Normal New 0%
xxbb-000418 Improvement Improve Preview Form 04 Aug 09 05:32 PM Normal New 0%
xxbb-000395 Improvement Easier Upload integration to xarbb 08 Jun 09 01:10 AM High Jo Assigned 50%
xxbb-000313 Bug Edit an existing reply add a RE: 21 Jan 09 01:13 PM Low New 0%
xxbb-000304 Improvement Prevent SPAM from subscribtion 13 Jan 09 03:15 AM Normal New 0%
xxbb-000282 Improvement Error handling on topic submission 19 Dec 08 05:45 PM Normal Jo Assigned 0%