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Issue ID Type Summary Reported Priority Assigned Status % Done
xtra-000600 Bug Core skels with no entries (or missing ones) 28 Jul 10 06:36 PM High Lakys Resolved 100%
xtra-000601 Task Cumulus translations branch: integrate new exceptions and user error handling. 28 Jul 10 06:40 PM High Lakys Resolved 100%
xtra-000683 Bug Theme translation is broken 11 Oct 10 10:16 AM Normal Lakys Closed 100%
xtra-000685 Task Adjust variable names to be consistent 13 Oct 10 07:54 AM Normal Lakys Assigned 0%
xtra-000688 Bug Relocatable theme dir used instead of 'themes' 13 Oct 10 02:18 PM Normal Jo Resolved 100%