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Issue ID Type Summary Reported Priority Assigned Status % Done
xkeyw-000889 Task Update shorturls and retrieval for new tabs 28 Aug 11 02:02 PM Normal Jo Closed 100%
xkeyw-000888 Improvement Upgrade for xarigami 1.4.0 28 Aug 11 10:51 AM Normal Jo Closed 100%
xkeyw-000887 Improvement Alpha pager should have full alphabet 28 Aug 11 10:49 AM Normal Jo Closed 100%
xkeyw-000886 New feature allow keyword add in restrict mode 28 Aug 11 10:47 AM Normal Jo Closed 100%
xkeyw-000801 Improvement [FR] Support for module alias 31 Mar 11 12:08 PM Normal Jo Closed 100%
xkeyw-000401 Bug Keyword search fails when apostrophe character is used 12 Jun 09 09:02 AM Normal Lakys Closed 100%