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This changelog view lists all resolved and closed issues included in a released version.

Version xarigami keywords 1.0.6

Changes to signify the first xarigami only version.

There are no finalized issues recorded for this version.

Version xarigami keywords 1.1.1

Feature release, and upgrade for xarigami 1.4.0
Issue ID Type Summary Reported Status Resolution
xkeyw-000401 Bug Keyword search fails when apostrophe character is used 12 Jun 09 09:02 AM Closed Fixed
xkeyw-000801 Improvement [FR] Support for module alias 31 Mar 11 12:08 PM Closed Implemented
xkeyw-000887 Improvement Alpha pager should have full alphabet 28 Aug 11 10:49 AM Closed Fixed
xkeyw-000888 Improvement Upgrade for xarigami 1.4.0 28 Aug 11 10:51 AM Closed Fixed
xkeyw-000886 New feature allow keyword add in restrict mode 28 Aug 11 10:47 AM Closed Fixed
xkeyw-000889 Task Update shorturls and retrieval for new tabs 28 Aug 11 02:02 PM Closed Implemented