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This changelog view lists all resolved and closed issues included in a released version.

Version xarigami files 0.6.2

Released: 25 Aug 10

Xarigami version of Files
Issue ID Type Summary Reported Status Resolution
xfiles-000607 Bug Upload javascript is not unobtrusive 07 Aug 10 02:50 AM Closed Fixed
xfiles-000609 Bug User feedback on bad archive dir 07 Aug 10 02:55 AM Closed Fixed
xfiles-000610 Bug upload and rename in menu when not writeable 07 Aug 10 02:57 AM Closed Fixed
xfiles-000611 Bug UI in browse - not easy to see details link 07 Aug 10 03:03 AM Closed Fixed
xfiles-000614 Bug Bad preview for non-image/txt files 07 Aug 10 06:25 AM Closed Fixed
xfiles-000605 Improvement Add xarigami menus 07 Aug 10 02:47 AM Closed Implemented
xfiles-000606 Improvement Improve user navigation 07 Aug 10 02:49 AM Closed Implemented
xfiles-000608 Improvement Add configuration options for uploads 07 Aug 10 02:52 AM Closed Implemented
xfiles-000613 Improvement Add modal popup for preview 07 Aug 10 06:24 AM Closed Implemented

There are no finalized issues recorded for this version.