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This changelog view lists all resolved and closed issues included in a released version.

Version Sitecontact 1.3.3

Released: 26 Apr 12

Bug fix and feature release.
Issue ID Type Summary Reported Status Resolution
sicon-000786 Improvement Allow wider range of emails 17 Mar 11 01:39 AM Resolved Implemented
sicon-000994 Improvement Allow custom text as wysiwyg 27 Feb 12 02:48 PM Closed Implemented
sicon-000993 New feature Banned list 28 Apr 12 02:36 PM Closed Implemented

Version Sitecontact 1.3.0

Released: 04 Mar 11

Major upgrade for xarigami core 1.4.0
Issue ID Type Summary Reported Status Resolution
sicon-000670 Bug Calendar property (xaraya) incorrectly displaying 23 Sep 10 08:32 AM Closed Fixed
sicon-000671 Bug Reference to base module navtab css 23 Sep 10 08:56 AM Closed Fixed
sicon-000777 Bug Check for $item isset prior to returning 26 Feb 11 12:49 PM Closed Fixed
sicon-000696 Improvement First line info for drop down subject 03 Nov 10 02:39 AM Closed Implemented
sicon-000778 Improvement Error and exception improvements 26 Feb 11 12:53 PM Closed Fixed
sicon-000779 Improvement Revert to non-datadict table creation 26 Feb 11 12:58 PM Closed Implemented
sicon-000780 Improvement Support IPV6 26 Feb 11 02:12 PM Closed Implemented
sicon-000785 New feature Import and export contact forms 06 Mar 11 08:06 AM Closed Implemented

Version Sitecontact 1.2.0

Released: 25 Jul 10

New features and fixes
Issue ID Type Summary Reported Status Resolution
sicon-000349 Bug Empty configs array value causes error on submit 31 Mar 09 07:53 AM Closed Fixed
sicon-000505 Bug Delete hooks not working for reponses 15 Feb 10 10:12 AM Closed Fixed
sicon-000508 Bug scid and scrid not passed to mail template 15 Feb 10 10:23 AM Closed Fixed
sicon-000511 Bug contact form name tabs broken in admin 15 Feb 10 11:09 AM Closed Fixed
sicon-000509 Improvement From - onbehalf 15 Feb 10 11:05 AM Closed Implemented
sicon-000510 Improvement Update for php 5.3 15 Feb 10 11:08 AM Closed Implemented
sicon-000519 Improvement Update sitecontact block with validation 25 Feb 10 12:12 PM Closed Implemented
sicon-000506 New feature Allow editing of responses 15 Feb 10 10:16 AM Closed Implemented
sicon-000507 New feature Implement validation code feature 15 Feb 10 10:18 AM Closed Implemented

Version Sitecontact 1.1.3

Released: 22 Mar 09

Bugfix release with enhancements including server side validation of default fields.
Issue ID Type Summary Reported Status Resolution
sicon-000328 Bug Description for priv instances 01 Mar 09 06:41 PM Closed Fixed
sicon-000333 Bug Consistent call to xarTplModule for user and admin templates 20 Mar 09 07:08 PM Closed Fixed
sicon-000336 Bug Remove references to deprecated js 22 Mar 09 12:40 AM Closed Fixed
sicon-000337 Bug Call xarvarvalidate for email check 22 Mar 09 11:48 AM Closed Fixed
sicon-000338 Bug Remove CC list before adding to admin cc list 23 Mar 09 04:08 AM Closed Fixed
sicon-000339 Bug Not all values returned to form on error 23 Mar 09 04:20 AM Closed Fixed
sicon-000340 Bug New forms do not use default options 23 Mar 09 02:20 PM Closed Fixed
sicon-000119 Improvement Mandatory fields validations 27 Feb 08 09:09 AM Closed Fixed
sicon-000332 Improvement Update menulinks with new standard 20 Mar 09 06:25 PM Closed Implemented

Version Sitecontact 1.1.1

Released: 17 Jan 09

A bug fix release. No major template changes affecting functionality except for the sitecontact block template. Please remember to upgrade the module and activate it.
Issue ID Type Summary Reported Status Resolution
sicon-000155 Bug Respond Func issues? 14 May 08 01:57 AM Closed Fixed
sicon-000156 Bug Invalid Error text in sitecontact blocks 14 May 08 10:37 AM Closed Fixed
sicon-000157 Bug Block Dynamic Data always displays 14 May 08 01:12 PM Closed Fixed
sicon-000204 Bug Short URL does not work with Numbers.... 21 Aug 08 10:31 AM Closed Fixed
sicon-000236 Bug IP address not correct 14 Nov 08 11:55 AM Closed Fixed
sicon-000309 Improvement Support for hooked formantibot captcha 17 Jan 09 01:51 PM Closed Fixed

Version Sitecontact 1.1.0

Released: 09 Jan 08

A major release for easier online form creation with new features, many bug fixes and general cleaning of code and templates.
Issue ID Type Summary Reported Status Resolution
sicon-000087 Bug Typo in obfuscation without text option 28 Nov 07 07:56 AM Closed Fixed
sicon-000091 Bug Logged in users and captcha problem with send 29 Nov 07 08:50 AM Closed Fixed
sicon-000108 Bug Wrong hook call in update config 02 Jan 08 08:52 AM Closed Fixed
sicon-000111 Bug Sitecontact form block is broken 04 Jan 08 11:30 AM Closed Fixed
sicon-000112 Bug Privilege instances per form were not working 04 Jan 08 11:48 AM Closed Fixed
sicon-000123 Bug Notice: Undefined variable: propdata 19 Mar 08 06:13 PM Closed Fixed
sicon-000086 Improvement Update obfuemail function with text link change 02 Oct 07 09:10 AM Closed Fixed
sicon-000092 Improvement Review integration for captcha modules 29 Nov 07 08:54 AM Closed Fixed
sicon-000102 Improvement Move more to dynamic data 09 Dec 07 11:41 AM Closed Implemented
sicon-000104 Improvement Add api function for processing the form 09 Dec 07 11:44 AM Closed Implemented
sicon-000106 Improvement Overrides available for all major templates 14 Dec 07 08:46 AM Closed Implemented
sicon-000103 New feature Add custom api for preprocessing 09 Dec 07 11:42 AM Closed Implemented
sicon-000107 New feature Admin CC list 22 Dec 07 01:50 AM Closed Implemented

Version Sitecontact 1.0.3

Released: 10 Oct 07

This release consolidates in one version, a number of features introduced to various scenarios over the last year.
Issue ID Type Summary Reported Status Resolution
sicon-000085 Improvement Remove old block security checks 20 Aug 07 09:07 AM Closed Implemented
sicon-000021 New feature Integrate formcaptch 06 Aug 07 03:07 PM Closed Implemented
sicon-000083 New feature Custom admin display pages 27 Nov 07 06:02 AM Closed Implemented
sicon-000084 New feature waiting content block 27 Jul 07 07:12 AM Closed Implemented