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Version :: xarigami xarbb 1.4.0

Due date :: None set

Reworked to run on xarigami core and xarigami comments with enhanced features for administration and community.
Issue ID Type Summary Reported Priority % Done Severity
xxbb-000250 Bug Last visit time and current time wrong 29 Nov 08 Normal 100% Minor
xxbb-000261 Bug sig is placed in message area 08 Dec 08 Normal 100% Minor
xxbb-000270 Bug Wrong hooks called in modifyconfig 15 Dec 08 Normal 100% Major
xxbb-000280 Bug Unknown index xar_postanon 19 Dec 08 Normal 100% Minor
xxbb-000311 Bug Adding new forum does not pick up settings 18 Jan 09 Normal 100% Major
xxbb-000313 Bug Edit an existing reply add a RE: 21 Jan 09 Low 0% Trivial
xxbb-000475 Bug viewtopic quickpost onload javascript problem 29 Oct 09 Normal 0% Minor
xxbb-000257 Improvement Adjust for working with xarigami comments 08 Dec 08 Normal 100% Major
xxbb-000269 Improvement Proper support for smilies 15 Dec 08 Normal 100% Minor
xxbb-000282 Improvement Error handling on topic submission 19 Dec 08 Normal 0% Major
xxbb-000395 Improvement Easier Upload integration to xarbb 08 Jun 09 High 50% Major
xxbb-000254 New feature Members and users online 08 Dec 08 Normal 100% Minor
xxbb-000255 New feature Integrate new avatar selection 08 Dec 08 Normal 100% Minor
xxbb-000281 New feature Integrate Formantibot 19 Dec 08 Normal 100% Minor