These builds are snapshots from current development built on a 'nearly' daily basis or as changes occur. As such they contain the latest changes, but are not release tested.

Please see the individual project pages to check for latest stable releases and full requirements for modules.

If you do use or test and find bugs please post the issues at, thank you.

If you require monotone access it is freely available on supply of your public key. Please contact us and refer to the monotone branch documentation.

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File Downloads Size Modified
[dir] addons   8.7 MB 2015-Jan-01
[dir] archives-old-releases   405.3 MB 2015-Jan-01
[dir] modules   24.0 MB 2015-Jan-01
[dir] themes   4.2 MB 2015-Jan-01
[gz] xarigami-1.5.5-base.tar.gz 127 15.8 MB 2015-Jan-01
[zip] 125 20.3 MB 2015-Jan-01
[gz] xarigami-1.5.5-core.tar.gz 105 4.7 MB 2015-Jan-01
[zip] 111 6.4 MB 2015-Jan-01
4 Files - 4 Folders Total downloads: 468 Total size: 489.4 MB  
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