After re reading the tutorial, I see that I don't have to add that to the default template. SO I merely made the uncommenting and commenting changes and when I click POSTREPLY, this error appeared [quote]System Error Module is not active Unable to find Base Info for Module: undefined Explanation: A module was called that has not yet been activated/installed. Use the activate link in the modules module (Modules->ViewAll) to install modules. Stack: at xarModPrivateLoad(xarMod.php:711) Array ( [0] => undefined [1] => user ) [/quote] I suspect that this has something to do the SICKPLANTS module, that I created using the DYNAMIC_EXAMPLE mod. It installed fine and shows that it is installed, in the MODULES module. What am I needing to do? I went to modules and discovered that tinymce needed upgrading, I did that, emptied my template cache, and now Im back to the xml error. [code]XML Parsing Error: junk after document element Location: http://www.planetganja.net/?module=xarbb&func=quickreply&tid=6&fid=21&title=I%20 smell%20blood&pageName=module Line Number 9, Column 1:
[/code] Seems as I get the module error after cache purge. :cry:

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